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All of our hulls are constructed of solid fiberglass, all hand-laid, and each layer of glass is handplaced and rolled out to give the maximum lamination quality.  We also hand-sand between cured layups to prevent any possible voids or unlaminated areas.  We install four continual longitudinal stringers constructed from 1" end-grained balsa wood and fiberglass. 

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Behind The Scenes

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      These stringers are formed in a mold and then placed in the bottom of the hull.  They are then laminated in place as part of the final hull construction.  The stringers have 1" to 2" of glass over the balsa core when completed.  We then mold form our bulkheads individually the same way we do our engine stringers (1" balsa and fiberglass).   They are then jig fitted into place in the now complete hull and glassed in place.   I've been building sea-going fiberglass vessels for more than 20 years.  I know that I build the very best, and am really proud of that fact.

     Here at Canaveral Custom Boats, Inc. we are the leading builder of USCG Certified Dive Vessels.  We also build a variety of fine ocean-going diesel powered sports fishing boats, family cruising vessels and trawler yachts.  Some are appointed very elegantly with a high quality finish and the best custom-built furniture while others are finished as "salty" at the new owner's request.  All of our boats are semi-custom built to order.  Our best sales tool is when a potential customer takes one of our vessels to sea and puts it through its paces - and the rougher the seas, the better we look.  Delta's run fast, ride good and they are "pretty"!

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