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Saltwater Sportsman - Barry Gibson

 "... with a six foot following sea, she rode like a car on a monorail. It was almost spooky. It's the finest handling boat under 50 foot in a following sea I have ever tested. There was little need to ever touch the wheel, and no, there was no autopilot!"


 California Diving News - August 1997 Issue

 "The Ocean Express is a brand new state-of-the-art Delta dive boat. Constructed by one North America's most respected boat makers, the boat uses a lightweight fiberglass planing hull and twin turbo-charged engines for a speed that's hard to match. The boat's design has been used for many years in Florida, the Bahamas, and Caribbean. Similar boats now operate out of Long Beach and Catalina. Speed is one of  its most heralded features. Cruising at 22 knots (fully loaded with 22 divers and gear!)"

 Boating - August 1994 Issue

 "The main appeal of express fishboats is the proximity of the helm to the cockpit. It's what makes this style of boat easy to handle and easy to fish. For its mission, the Delta has a lot to like."

 SaltWater Sportsman, Florida Edition - March 1989 Issue

"The command bridge on the Delta is a high 40" up from the cockpit sole, a seemingly simple concept but one that provides three major advantages: a stand-up engine room, superior visibility from the helm, and tremendous headroom in the forward cabin."


Charter Industry Trade News - January/February 1988 Issue

 "Smith is proud to tell people that all Delta hulls are constructed of solid fiberglass, hand-laid with numerous layers of glass, hand-placed and rolled out to give maximum lamination quality. "The hull is guaranteed to stand up under any natural sea conditions," Smith said. "The entire vessel is built to take someone out to sea and bring them home."


Skin Diver - January 1987 Issue

 "The Delta 28 is designed to be used as both a commercial and a privately owned dive boat. It features a modified V-hull, which cuts through the waves, and a relatively flat stern for stability at anchor. The 28 is available in tow models. The Inboard Open, shown here, has a smaller cabin, but is certified for three more passengers."

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